State of corruption.


Greece now has a little less than 1,5 million unemployed. Most of them are now long term unemployed and only a small percentage are seasonal workers. All around Europe, unemployement is on the rise, especialy youth unemployment. Why is this happening?

Although this country is a special case, the trend seems to be the same all around the world. The reduction in available jobs. I believe that no “investment” can change that in the long term. I also believe that the crisis terminated jobs that where not needed. We are no short of products. It is just money that is not spread around enough.

I am no  economist, but when I listen to “liberals” saying that “large corporations create jobs” and at the same time read that the new way of counting their performance , or “score” as I like to call it, is the ratio of profit per employee, I get that something is seriously wrong. One, cannot coinside with the other. Either they create jobs, or they reduce them in comparison to their financial size. From what I read, I believe it is the second.

Our production, our planetary gross product is at an all time high. Yet it is not divided according to job, productivity or needs. The rules of the game are fixed so as the rich are becoming richer by taking advantage of their position of power and are constantly fortifying their position using their financial influence on politicians.

Believe me, I personally have no serious financial problem. I don’t care to become rich, or have the rich become poor. I only care about justice. Social, financial and political justice. It is exploitation, I don’t like.  Profit has become  a goal in itself. The state of corruption the world is in is accepted as natural by the “liberals” while the “left” is spitting out the same cliches as if we are living in the mid 19nth century. As if the industrial and technological revolution didn’t happen!

We are in the age of information, yet we refuse to learn from it. We think we know everything already. One side believes that liberalism is synonymous with Marx’s capitalism or the enemy of the Soviet era, and the other side thinks that social and financial justice is “leftist”, “communist” or at best “socialist”!

We are in the age of science, yet fanaticism and hate  is on the rise in Europe, I believe due to the fear of poverty.

I don’t like stating an opinion based on prejudice, if I don’t know something. I study both sides (or more if there are)  for every subject. I search for evidence or at least serious indications before I state an opinion

My opinion is that we cannot depend on economies of scale to create jobs. Just the opposite. We should rely on local economies. Anything else, in combination with the progress of technology will just keep reducing available jobs. In conclusion, if we want scale, we must find a new dividend model as paid work will no longer be available for all of us to survive like Basic Income, or Negative Income Tax.

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