The Privatising Industry in Europe


The Privatising Industry in Europe

An interesting read. Does privatisation work? What do the results say;

Is it enough for the state to get rid of enterprises? If they are profitable why do so and if they are not, why would someone buy them?

Personaly, I am for enterpreneurship, which in Greece has gotten to be a bad word because of “liberals” and “leftists”  alike, but I am not for impunity. The state must check through the institutions the application of the law and control basic infrastructure.  

For example, I all for private health sector, but without universal access to public health, it can only be a negative. If someone wants to pay for a suite let them do so, as long as the taxes pay for the ER and recovery rooms in public hospitals and not for the vacation houses or lavish home furniture of doctors.

The market is not self-regulated withouth the implementation of the law, and laws cannot be implemented without honest institutions.

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