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The Privatising Industry in Europe

The Privatising Industry in Europe An interesting read. Does privatisation work? What do the results say; Is it enough for the state to get [...]

Lost chances for growth and Greek Geo Data

The Greek company responsible for the land registry, Ktimatologio S.A., has created an amazing toolbox for open geo data that cover Greece, [...]

Moving money and the ECB error

I am one of those people who believe money is simply a useful tool and it must be in circulation for the economy to be healthy. Since money [...]

Formulating policies vs populism.

Formulation of policies, when passed through a citizens’ “popularity” filter, is a form of populism. What is populism? It [...]

Copy Culture in the US and Germany

Copy Culture in the US and Germany is a comparative study of digital culture, focusing on media consumption, media acquisition, and attitud [...]

Pirates: The “stupidity” of imagination…

A few months ago, the Prime Minister of Greece while addressing the youth of his political party, said that their dreams should be “gr [...]

TTIP. What don’t you get?

These last few days, I had an interesting conversation regarding TTIP with various anonymous users on the net. It became obvious how differe [...]

State of corruption.

Greece now has a little less than 1,5 million unemployed. Most of them are now long term unemployed and only a small percentage are seasonal [...]

#TTIP. Not too late…

TTIP is the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Its purpose is to lift the barriers for further trade development between the E [...]
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